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Synergy DCS provides an array of adaptable solutions to meet your infrastructure needs. We are committed to understanding your business needs and budget, and custom building the ideal [or an optimal] service model and infrastructure solution to address those needs.

Here are few of our service models


Colocating servers in rack(s) means you as our client choose from a menu of hardware and software options.

We listen to understand your business goals, configure the environment to meet your needs, and rack servers in standard 42U rack(s). Your rack(s) then can be moved in to the state-of-the art Synergy DCS floor space for hosting. As part of our hosting services Synergy DCS will maintain your servers in optimal ambient conditions, provide an uninterruptible power supply and bandwidth that suits your need.


Flexibility and Scalability:

    • Your own hardware and software configured to best meet your needs
    • Increase your IT capacity leveraging our existing IT assets
    • Expand as your business grows

Cost-effective access to IT expertise as needed

    • Expert solution design, installation, maintenance, security and reliability
    • Shared costs for state-of-the-art data center architecture and management
    • Guaranteed up-time with shared costs for backups and redundancy

Typical cost points for collocating

    • Physical space occupied (Number of 42U Racks)
    • Amount of power consumed
    • Amount of bandwidth, and
    • Initial set up cost to prepare the floor space and provide power and bandwidth drops

We also host tower servers and partial 42U racks (1/2 rack or 1/4 rack) in which clients can use Synergy DCS-owned, fully secured racks to mount their servers.

Please contact us for a personalized hosting solution with options that best fits your business.

SaaS hosting

Under SaaS (Software as a Service) hosting, Synergy DCS will purchase all hardware and software required to host a SaaS business application. We then configure, maintain, monitor, support, and host the environments to your business needs.

SaaS clients will be charged a monthly subscription fee on a named user basis for the service.

A common SaaS implementation of a business application means implementation of network based commercially available software on a ‘single instance - multiple tenant’ model, hosted in

    • Highly secure enterprise level architecture
    • Scalable architecture featuring virtualization
    • Data management systems featuring Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Access Storage (NAS), Tape Libraries, Data Guard
    • Redundant architecture with ‘No Single Point of Failure’

Benefits of SaaS :

    • Highly cost effective
    • Significantly reduces client’s capital investment
    • Rapid implementation of the solution
    • Highly scalable architecture that allows horizontal and vertical scaling when business needs with very little lead time
    • Multiple tenant efficiency

Typical cost points for SaaS Hosting

    • Number of named users
    • Potential growth for number of users
    • Duration of service agreement

SaaS model significantly reduces clients’ capital investment cost and provides same level of flexibility as the colocation model.

Examples of software solutions that can be provided in SaaS model

    • HP TRIM (Enterprise Document and Records Management)
    • Microsoft SharePoint (Collaboration and Content Management)
    • Atlassian JIRA (Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking and Project Management)

Please contact us for innovative and adaptive hosting solutions that will enhance your business.

complete hosting

As the next level up from Colocation hosting services, We offer complete hosting solutions with any or all of the following service options

    • Business Analysis
    • System Architecture Design
    • Purchasing and Inventorying all hardware and software
    • Serving as liaison to 3rd party hardware and software providers for support and license renewal
    • Installing and configuring all appliances to meet business needs
    • Maintaining the entire infrastructure
    • Monitoring Network, Security and Performance 24x7x365 and generating reports
    • Anything that your business needs

business Continuity :

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." – Anatole France, Nobel Prize-winning author and journalist

Loss of critical data and business capacity could result in loss of your dreams. Don‘t lose valued customers, the reputation you worked hard to build, or revenue and jobs.

Whether your enterprise is at risk of disruption by a natural disaster such as earthquake or hurricane, sudden and protracted loss of power, or man-made threats, responsible leaders plan for the worst to ensure the best outcomes. We’ll help you plan to protect one of your most important assets – information, and the ability to recover fast.

In business, as in life, it’s not whether disasters or disruptions happen it’s how we recover. Synergy Data Center & Services partners with you and your business to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." – Alan Lakein

Synergy DCS‘s discreet location and fail-safe design give you leading–edge protection from loss of critical data or IT function. Our professional consultants can assist you in building your business continuity or disaster recovery plan with variety of redundant configuration options (Hot-Hot, Hot-Cold, Hot -Warm), cost-benefit analysis and scalable solutions, so you choose options that fit your budget and best serves your interests.

Synergy DCS consultants can

    • Facilitate Joint Assessment Discussions (JAD) to assess threats and recovery objectives
    • Identify risks specific to your IT infrastructure and mission-critical data
    • Strategize risk mitigation or recovery
    • Design redundant system architectures
    • Design data replication, security, backup and recovery

Suite of hosting options

We work with you to tailor a redundant hosting solution that will best serve your interests. Here are few of our hosting options

  • Colocating your redundant environment in variety of configurations depending on your recovery time or system down time limitations
    • Hot – Hot or Active – Active
      • Users’ access and post transactions at both locations; data is actively replicated and maintained in-sync; both locations remain active at all times
    • Hot – Warm or Active – Passive
      • Users access primary site and post transactions; data is actively replicated to the secondary site and maintained in-sync; when primary site becomes unavailable for any reason users are automatically transferred to secondary site; Secondary site is always powered up and ready
    • Hot – Cold or Active – Passive
      • Users access primary site and post transactions; data is actively replicated to the secondary site and maintained in-sync; when primary site becomes unavailable for any reason, the secondary site should be powered up and turned on for users’ to access
  • Functioning as a secure data store where you can actively maintain a copy of your mission critical data on the network that is readily accessible

Plan, Test, Trust then Relax. Focus on your Core Business

A well-researched and designed business continuity plan is only as good as its test results.

Our experienced engineers and project managers assist you with implementing your business continuity plan, and partnering with you to test various disaster scenarios, align with your role playing exercises, etc.

Now it is time to trust our processes, experienced engineers and project managers who work with and for you; relax and focus on your core business.

Please contact us to provide you a custom business continuity plan that will best serve your interest.

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