data center

Synergy Data Center is a state-of-the-art TIER 2+ data center in a discreet Eastern Oregon location providing the highest level of safety, security, and reliability. Cost-effective options provide peace of mind for your mission critical applications.

We continuously innovate to ensure the most sophisticated infrastructure is available to serve our clients. We are a wholly owned operation with engineers on-site and globally.

Data Center design is based on industry best practices to meet all standards to qualify for a TIER 2+ data center.

  • Redundancy at all layers
    • Every component of the data center has been designed and built with focus on redundancy and with a philosophy of ´No Single Point of Failure´.
  • Fully secure network and resilient connections powered by
    • Robust CISCO routers
    • Protected by CISCO firewalls
    • TopLayer Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
  • Fully Secure Rack Spaces
    • Client-owned or leased, racks are closed and secured with an independent lock
    • No open racks
  • Floor Design
    • 18” raised floors with all cables running underneath
    • Optimized for better cooling by identifying hot spots
  • Scalability
    • Network and Security appliances are highly scalable to meet specific client needs and future growth
    • Unlimited IP addresses
    • Ample room for growth



Synergy DCS is located in the historic Baker Tower in Baker City, Oregon. Here are few unique features :

  • 100% reinforced concrete structure
  • Seismically sound
  • No flood zone
  • Discreet location reduces threats common to major metropolitan area
  • Web cams provide live feed of the racks for our clients 24x7
  • Freeway and airport accessible

Physical Security – Access to the data center is tightly controlled utilizing

  • Closed Circuit Surveillance Camera System
  • Biometric authorization
  • Magnetic key cards
  • Restricted access to the Data Center floor of the building
Baker Tower



Synergy Data Center is chilled by Libert DS Precision Cooling System with 120 tons total capacity provided by four 30 ton units.

  • Built-in 50% excess capacity for redundancy and to absorb any additional need
  • High mountain valley source for natural cooling at low humidity

fire suppression systems

Synergy Data Center utilizes a dry-pipe fire suppression system with sensors mounted on the ceilings and floor of the data center. The dry-pipe suppression system protects the data center from any leaks or accidental discharges.



Synergy DCS recognizes power as one of the critical components of our data center operations. We have carefully designed highly optimal power distribution based on industry standards. Redundant power at multiple levels provides racks an uninterrupted power supply.

Power distribution optimized for greener operations. See Green initiative for details.


network architecture

Network is powered and secured by

  • CISCO routers, switches and firewalls
  • TopLayer Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
  • Dedicated and certified Network & Security Engineers
  • Automated network and monitoring tools monitor our infrastructure 24 x 7 x 365


Synergy DCS offers variety of internet connectivity depending on clients’ needs.

  • Full and burstable DS3 up to 45 Mbps
  • Dedicated T1 (1.5 Mbps)
  • Point to Point T1 to facilitate data replication between redundant sites
  • Wireless T1
  • Burstable fiber up to 500 Mbps



We understand moving an existing data center into our facility or installing and configuring a new data center means lots of card board boxes, packing materials and receiving and moving of tall equipment and/or heavy appliances. To make your experience easy Synergy DCS provides Data Center Migration services.

  • Dedicated secure elevators accommodates 47 U server racks
  • Dedicated staging area with 1000 Sq. Ft floor space with power and connectivity where you can unpack, install and configure your servers in the racks
  • Help with cleaning and recycling of all card board boxes and packing materials in the staging area
  • Assistance upon request to unpack, install and configure servers in racks. Please visit professional services for details on other services offered


Power is one of the two most important cost factors of hosting a single server or an entire rack of servers. Here are some fundamental facts on how power consumption is measured.

  • Unit for power is a ‘Watt’
    • Watt is a product of amperes (Amp) and volts (V)
  • Power consumption rate is measured in KW/hr (Kilo Watts consumed per Hour)
    • Power consumed by a 20 Amp – 208 Volts Circuit is 20 x 208 arrow 4160 Watts or 4.16 KW/hr
    • For a 30 day month, total monthly power consumed by a 20 Amp – 208 Volts circuit will be 4.16 KW/hr x 24 x 30 arrow 2,995 KW.

Calculate your power need

This is only an estimate. Actual results may vary. This calculates power utilized by a rack and does not include power consumed by the hosting facility.

** We recommend at least two 20 Amp – 208 V circuits per 42 U rack

know bandwidth

The most important factor to consider while hosting a server facility is bandwidth or data transfer throughput needed. Bandwidth directly affects server performance and end user experience.Our experts help you choose from options that provide the best performance and value for your operational requirements. Here are some fundamental facts on how data and data transfer are measured.

  • GB (represents volume of data) – Giga Bytes
    • 1 GB arrow 1024 MB (Mega Bytes)
    • 1 MB arrow 1024 KB (Kilo Bytes)
    • 1 KB arrow 1024 Bytes (B)
  • The most granular unit of measurement for data is bit represented by lowercase b
    • One Byte (B) arrow 8 bits (b)
  • 1GB arrow 1024 x 1024 x 1024 x 8 b
  • Mbps (represent data transfer rate) – Mega Bits per Second
    • 1 Mbps arrow 1024 Kbps (Kilo bits per second)
    • 1 Kbps arrow 1024 bps (bits per second)
  • 1 Mbps arrow 1024 x 1024 bps

want to know your bandwidth requirement?

**When planning bandwidth required for your data center, industry best practices recommend that you plan for 85% utilization.

Derive bandwidth requirement from total amount of data that needs to transferred

Enter your data transfer requirement per month

green initiative

Synergy DCS has been designed in alignment with Green Grid Consortium (GGC) recommendations. We are committed to spending energy resources wisely to protect the environment. Here are few of our initiatives:

  • Data center optimally designed and continuously monitored for Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE)
    • DCiE – Total power utilized by IT appliances / Total power consumed by Data Center X 100
  • Optimized power distribution model
  • Automatic, seamless switching of power sources in the event of power failures
  • Conducting frequent thermal analysis to ensure effective cooling
  • Effective hot-cold aisle management and ducted air return path reduces cooling needs
  • Proven high-efficiency cooling units yield significant energy savings
  • High mountain valley location source for naturally cooled air at low humidity levels reduces energy needs for cooling
  • Utilization of affordable energy, primarily from renewable hydro power
  • Virtualization of servers maximizes computing potential with lower energy consumption and overall space requirements
  • Recycling cardboard boxes, packing materials and paper
  • Usage of high efficiency lighting throughout data center
  • Following closely, reviewing and adopting GGC recommendations