business solutions

Synergy Data Center and Services offers a wide array of cost–effective options that maximize our clients´ return on their IT infrastructure investments while optimizing business results. Our professional services liberate our clients to take care of their core business services while we take care of the details.

Here are few business solutions that we offer

professional services

An expert and well experienced team of IT Project Managers, System Administrators, Solution Architects, Network Engineers, and Database Administrators are available to provide:

  • Project Management
  • Solution design and architecture
    • Business analysis
    • Solution design
    • System architecture design
    • Detailed bill of materials
  • Cost proposals with minimal lead time
  • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Procurement, installation and configuration of various appliances
  • Vulnerability testing of servers and network
  • Network support, maintenance, monitoring, and backup services
  • Server monitoring
  • Data backup, storage and recovery
  • Security and failover testing
  • Developing disaster recovery or business continuity plan
  • Hosting redundant sites in Active – Active (hot–hot) or Active – Passive (hot–cold) with real–time data replication between sites
  • Managing support from 3rd party hardware and software vendors and renewal of support licenses
  • Datacenter performance and health reporting

data center migration

We assist you in migrating your data center from your current location to Synergy data center with minimal service disruption

  • Packing your current servers and racks
  • Moving racks and servers from its current location to Synergy Data Center with appropriate insurance through professional movers
  • Unpacking servers and racks
  • Installing and configuring servers at Synergy

back office administrative support

  • Help Desk:
    • English is the primary language
    • Multi-lingual language services available
    • We hire and retain staff with positive attitudes
    • Highly motivated, flexible and dependable
    • Experience to quickly learn diverse industries
  • Business application support
    • Tier 1 – Help desk and training
    • Tier 2 – Advanced business analysis
    • Online tracking and reporting
    • Real–time access to your information via secure website
    • Real–time meetings and trainings over the web through GoToMeeting
  • Accounting
    • Billing and Accounts Receivable
    • Payment processing
  • Discount mailing and fulfillment
  • Product support
  • Other back-office services
  • Web-enabled knowledge base software

email service

  • Through your business domain(s) (Ex.
  • Charged per e-mail address
  • Web system administrator portal
  • High availability architecture with 99.99% uptime guaranteed
  • Service reporting
    • Amount of data transfer / data traffic
    • Top 10’s (account with high data volume, data transfer, etc)
  • Data absolutely secure
    • You own the data
      • Privacy is safeguarded
      • No information used for any purpose without your consent
      • Copies of your data provided at any time
    • Data is backed-up at various levels

personal drive over the internet

  • Secure and safe space on our Network
  • Gain access through SFTP clients
  • Map as a network drive
  • Data is backed-up at various levels

automatic personal computer system backup

  • Back–up files, documents, music, pictures, and other information from your PC
  • Backed up to a secure drive in our network
  • Rest easy – your data is safe, because we handle the details